Festive Mānuka Honey Recipes

Festive Mānuka Honey Recipes

Mānuka Honey Recipe for the 2021 Christmas Holidays 


Seriously how did 2021 go so fast?! The happiest time of year is here - the holiday season and what better way to spread cheer than with delicious New Zealand raw Mānuka Honey!

We have collected a range of Mānuka inspired Christmas recipes for you to share with your friends and family this year! The idea of Spending Christmas in winter is magical to us Kiwis   

Christmas in New Zealand involves light summery meals, because we get to spend the holidays relaxing in the sun! Well, that's not quite the story for our incredible beekeepers and bees. For our beekeepers, New Zealand summer is the busiest time of year as flowers bloom and bees are 'buzy' collecting what we love the most - honey!

This year has been full of ups and downs at the Happy Valley hive, but Christmas time is always an up for us! As a family run business, we take Christmas to spend with our family, trying to talk about anything other than honey and eating everything with it.

Of course, we bee-lieve that Honey is the perfect addition to every meal epically your Christmas feast. So we have created a list of recipes we should think are perfect for a wintery festive season - if you did try one of our recipes don't forget to tag us on our socials, we just love seeing what you get up to.

Happy holidays and happy cooking! 

- Love the Happy Valley Team xx


Christmas Meal Ideas:



  1. 1. Christmas Honey Breakfast Ideas

  2. 2. Honey Christmassy Drinks

  3. 3. Honey Main Meals for the Holidays

  4. 4. Festive Honey Sides

  5. 5. Celebratory Honey Desserts & Sweets




Mānuka Apple & Rum Hotcakes

There are no rules on Christmas so why not spice up the morning with our delicious Mānuka honey, apple and rum hotcakes. Because after all you really can't go wrong with pancakes and honey, they are a match made in heaven. Add honey to a rum and apply a generous helping of butter and you will get the tasty pancakes you will ever try! 

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 Honey Milk:

Simply dissolve love a teaspoon of your favorite UMF Mānuka honey in a cup of milk of your choice. The delicious taste of Mānuka honey all the sweetness you need! 

Mānuka Honey Mulled Wine:

There is nothing like a Mānuka honey mulled wine to get you into the Christmas cheer. The perfect winter warm with the benefits of Mānuka honey - who said you could only have it by the spoonful!

Have your daily dose of Mānuka Honey the fun way - enjoy the festive season and boost your immunity too with red wine & Mānuka honey. 

Mānuka Honey Hot Toddy:

Warm, tasty and refreshing our hot toddy will go down a treat with people of all ages, simply miss the rum to make it nonalcoholic. 

Mānuka Honey Eggnog:

Make your traditional holiday eggnog just that extra bit healthier (and tastier some may say!) with UMF Mānuka, our everyday UMF 5+ Mānuka honey is the perfect Mānuka honey to add your festive drinks instead of sugar! 

UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey


Main Meals:


Mānuka Glazed Ham:

It's not Xmas without a glazed ham right? Don't pay for an overpriced Christmas ham again, make this delicious Mānuka Glazed ham at home while you are preparing the rest of the Xmas feast. Super easy and super tasty you won't regret what we Kiwi's say 'mate doing it yourself' this festive season.

Mānuka Honey Roasted Pumpkin:

This will so become your new favorite way to have pumpkin! Mānuka pumpkin makes fabulous side but also hearty enough to serve as a main too! Not a fan of pumpkin, change it our for sweet potatoes instead ( or as us Kiwis call it Kūmera).

 Honey Roasted Pumpkin Soup:

This Honey Roasted Butternut Pumpkin Soup is the perfect starter or even serve as a light main this Christmas day, best part is it's super easy to make too! Simply roast the pumpkin in our delicious Mānuka honey!

Manuka Glazed Turmeric Salmon:

Another great light main meal option is salmon, you won't feel weighed down and need a midday nap with you to add this delicious dish to put on theChristmas food list. Mānuka and salmon are a great combo - serve with salad or roasted vegetables, the choice is yours! 




 Mānuka Honey Garlic Green Beans:

You can't beat a healthy, tasty green bean side on your Christmas table this festive season! This side won't take too much time to whip up on Xmas day, adding Mānuka honey to steam, roasted or pan-fried fresh vegetables really brings them to the next level. 

Mānuka Honey Glazed Carrots:

Got any picky eaters and non-vegetable lovers? Try adding a teaspoon or more of Mānuka honey to your carrots. Mānuka honey really help to bring out the sweet flavour of carrots, making it hard for vegetable haters to resist - you can thank us later!


Desserts & Sweets:


Honey Gingerbread Cookies

Nothing screams the Christmas Holiday like making Ginger bready cookies, are we right?! These tasty Mānuka Gingerbread Cookies only taste 30 minutes to make. Either bake like regular cookies or cut with a cookie cutter to create all types of shapes and figures!

Mānuka Honey Baklava:

While you have a few extra hours in the day during the holidays try creating Baklava from scratch, enjoy the delicious favors with the benefits of Mānuka Honey. 


Try the famous Lebkuchen with a Mānuka Twist, if you have ever gone to the Christmas markets in Germany you have likely seen Lebkuchen is hanging from stalls.

Melomakarona: Greek Mānuka Honey Cookies:

It's the holiday time, which means time for Christmas cooking. Melomakarona is the most popular Greek Christmas Cookie! This festive season we took a spin on this authentic recipe decadent and delicious Greek Christmas honey cookie by adding our raw UMF Mānuka honey.

Mānuka Honey Bread:

Serve with lashings of butter, extra honey and sweet treat, or serve as a side during your Christmas day main course. 

Healthy Honey Fruit Cake:

This healthy Christmas fruit cake is just the balance you need coming into the holidays, it's easy to make and is gluten free, dairy free and grain free so you don't have to worry about having separate deserts to suit everyone's dietary requirements. 

Plum & Mānuka Tart:

Sereve this delicious tasting tart with ice cream and there is no need for any other dessert on Christmas this recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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