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We’ve conquered wild landscapes and worked with nature to craft the purest Mānuka honey for three generations. This special honey has been revered for its healing properties and rich flavors, and our dedication lets us share this natural wonder of New Zealand with the world. Independently tested for quality and transparency, our customers can be confident that they are purchasing genuine UMF certified Mānuka honey. Discover the incredible benefits of New Zealand Mānuka Honey today with Happy Valley.

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The benefits of buying Mānuka honey

With its high nutritional value and antibacterial properties, Mānuka honey can transform your daily life no matter the UMF rating you choose. Whether using it as natural skincare or soothing a sore throat, any Mānuka honey can help to support your immune system and digestive system for enhanced wellbeing. Our higher-level UMF 20+, and 15+ Mānuka products are perfect as medicinal honey to help fight bacterial infections, skin conditions and help heal wounds and burns. If you want to eat Mānuka honey as a delicious spread or tea sweetener, choose our lower-rated UMF 5 and 10+ products for great taste and everyday health benefits.

What is real New Zealand Mānuka honey?

Renowned for its dark brown colour and herbaceous flavor, authentic Mānuka honey comes from the native New Zealand Mānuka tree flower. Honey bees collect the nectar and natural pollens integral to the unique qualities of raw Mānuka honey. Leptosperin, found in Mānuka bush nectar, and MGO (Methylglyoxal), are the essential compounds of UMF Mānuka honey,distinguishing real Mānuka honey products from other types of honey.

Our UMF® Mānuka – naturally sourced in New Zealand

We harvest raw, unpasteurised Mānuka honey from the most remote parts of New Zealand. Everything is extracted and packed by us to ensure nothing but gold standard quality. We classify our honey according to the UMF grading system. This involves testing for Leptosperin, MGO (Methylglyoxal), DHA, and the quality measure HMF, all of which give our Mānuka honey it's UMF certification.

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Raw Mānuka honey - UMF Association certified

We are passionate about staying closely involved with the entire process of Mānuka honey production, controlling several environmental factors and variables that impact quality. Happy Valley is a New Zealand UMF Honey Association member, meaning you can feel confident that you’re purchasing authentic Mānuka honey with a true Unique Mānuka Factor.  

We have a Land-to-Brand model for our honey shop, dedicated to authenticity. We take every step possible to bring you purity, quality, and true happiness with every jar of our Mānuka honey.

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