Why buy MGO 50+ Mānuka Honey

Why buy MGO 50+ Mānuka Honey

Who should buy MGO 50+ Mānuka honey?


When should you buy MGO 50 Mānuka honey? MGO 50 Mānuka honey is our entry level Mānuka Honey here at Happy Valley, there are any great reasons why you should add  MGO 50 Mānuka honey to your cupboards. 

Mānuka honey for beginners:


If you have never tasted the distinctive flavors of Mānuka honey before MGO 50+ is a great inexpensive way to try it!

Mānuka honey doesn't taste like regular honeys, its a unique, and the flavor isn't for everyone. So while you may want to buy UMF Mānuka Honey for its benefits, you won't reap the benefits if you don't use it, because you dislike the taste. 

MGO 50+ Mānuka honey is a multi-floral blend, meaning the bees can collect form Mānuka and any other flower that takes their fancy. Creating naturally blended multifloral Mānuka honey that is tasty and smooth with the Mānuka honey taste.

MGO 50 vs Manuka Honey UMF 5+

 So if you enjoy the taste of MGO 50+ Mānuka honey then you will also enjoy the rich flavors of our UMF Manuka honey range. Making MGO 50 is the perfect Mānuka honey to start your Mānuka honey love affair.

As you can see in the image above MGO 50+ Mānuka is lighter in color and less gritty then our UMF 5+ Mānuka honey.

Affordable Mānuka honey:


Our UMF Mānuka honey 15+ & 20+ are not exactly the honey you want the whole family spreading careless on their toast. MGO 50+ Mānuka Honey on the other hand is super affordable and prefect for the whole family to enjoy daily.

Happy Valley MGO 50+ Benefits:

- Raw Mānuka Honey
- Authentic Multi-floral New Zealand Honey
- Non-GMO, BPA Free Packaging
- Traceable
- Sustainable beekeeping
- MGO Certified and tested
- Independent laboratory tested 
MGO 50 Manuka Honey Shop Now

Our authentic Mānuka honey is sourced naturally from the most pure and remote locations around New Zealand. From extraction to processing, we control the full manufacturing process so each jar of honey is fully traceable back to the source.

Naturally nourishing helping to provide natural immune boost. New Zealand Mānuka honey is known for its medicinal properties. Drizzle this honey over food, stir it into a hot drink, or spoon it straight from the jar to support everyday health and wellness. 

But if you’re searching for a purer form of Mānuka honey, with the optimal benefits that Mānuka is famous for, then make sure to go for the monofloral UMF Mānuka HoneyRemember the higher the UMF rating and MGO rating the more benefits. 

Happy Valley Mānuka honey is 100% pure, independently-tested New Zealand manuka honey that contains high levels of naturally-occurring chemicals that are unique to New Zealand Mānuka and not found in other honeys. Our raw Mānuka honey is batch controlled and completely traceable back to the source.

We have carefully selected these honeys for their purity and quality and then vigorously tested the honey to ensure you're getting the highest quality and MGO content.

Pure happiness Specialist with over 40 years of experience, Happy Valley is true to the pursuit of happiness all the way from the hive to your table. Happy Valley is family-owned and operated with over 10,000 hives across New Zealand. Every jar tells the story of happiness from our bees, to your family. 

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