Novak Djokovic - Nutrition & Manuka Honey for Sporting Success

Novak Djokovic - Nutrition & Manuka Honey for Sporting Success

Novak Djokovic - Nutrition & Manuka Honey for Sporting Success


You hear it all the time, if not from your mum from the media, that food is fuel. So what does one of the tennis's top players Novak Djokovic do nutritionally to play his best?

We read Novak Djokovic book "Serve to Win" so you don't have to (although we suggest you do, its a great read) and have compiled his top tips to using nutrition for success. 

Spoiler alert one of them is adding Mānuka Honey to his daily routine!

Start the day with water


Drink a tall glass of room temp water when you wake in the morning.

Just as a night routine is important so is a morning routine and starting your day hydrated is a great way to set your day up for success. After all you have spend the last 8 hours (we hope, come on now, we don't want to have to start on the importance of sleep) not drinking water so its super important to rehydrate yourself before you do anything else.

Novak suggests drinking room temp water because if you drink ice water its extra effort for you body - your digestive system will then have to heat the ice water to 98.6 degrees.

Two spoons of Mānuka honey 


Now we know what your think surely Novak suggests against a high sugar diet, and doesn't honey has sugar in it? Well as Novak says your body needs sugar to survive; but it need the good stuff fructose - found in fruits & veggies oh and in honey.

What it doesn't need to function well is processed sucrose - found in chocolate, sodas and candy. Sucrose gives your body an instant sugar fix, you can practically feel it go though your body. As fast as you feel it's high, you feel the low just as much.

But with honey and fruits the intake of fructose is slower than say a few slices of chocolate.

Not only does Mānuka Honey keep fuel the body it is packed with antibacterial properties to help support your immunity and more - find out the benefits of Manuka honey here

Delicious breakfast


Full you cereal bowl with food that will sustain and power you for the day - Gluten-free muesli or oatmeal, some mixed nuts, some seeds; sunflower or pumpkin seeds and fruit. Make it creaming with some plant based milk; rice milk, almond milk or coconut water and your ready to power through the day!

If that's not enough...


If your still not satisfied after you first breakfast why not have a second? Add some healthy fats like avocado, salmon or tuna, or full up on slice of some gluten free bread.

Lady prepping salmon

Carbs & carbs for lunch


This one we are truly not made about it, who doesn't love carbs! On regular days Novak loves a carb heavy lunch (gluten free) served with an array of vegetables. But on match days he also adds a heavy protein such as eggs or chicken to fuel him through a match. 

 Don't forget to drink some more


It really should go without saying but when you work out it's important to rehydrate the liquids you losing. During a workout Novak goes through around two bottles of an energy drink containing fructose extract, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, and vitamin C. 

Topped off with a protein shake at the of the training!

Snacks Time


Now he is talking to our hearts... when your playing on the court for as long as pro tennis players do, you going to need some extra fuel other than just a carb and protein full lunch, you need snacks. 

Man running

Not a packet of chips (although that does sound lovely) but more sugars derived from fructose; such as date and you heard it here more honey! Plus lots of water with added electrolytes

Hey Novak have you tried our On The Go Manuka Honey sticks, because they would be perfect for you! 

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Dinner dinner chicken dinner


Dinner in the Djokovic household or at least for Novak, includes a source of protein; steak, chicken, or salmon. It's a must that the meat is organic, grass-fed, free-range, wild, etc., that and steamed vegetables. Sounds like a good dinner to us!


In his book "Serve to Win" Djokovic writes that “Finding the right foods for my body has made me lighter, healthier, and more focused...”. The right nutrition has made  “...made all the difference in my career and in my life.” he adds. 

And perhaps Novak's tips and tricks could help to improve yours as well!


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