Mānuka Honey Glazed Carrots

Mānuka Honey Glazed Carrots

Glazed Mānuka Honey Carrots 


Got any picky eaters and non vegetable lovers? Try adding a teaspoon or more of Mānuka honey to you steamed, roasted or grill vegetables - you can thank us later!




1/4 c. butter
2 tbsp. UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey
1/2 tsp.dried rosemary
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
Kosher salt ( to taste)
Freshly ground black pepper
15 carrots (2 lbs.), peeled and halved lengthwise
Fresh thyme, for garnish (optional)

UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey




Preheat oven to 400º. In a saucepan over low heat, melt butter. Stir in honey, rosemary, and garlic powder and season with salt and pepper.

Place carrots on a large baking sheet. Pour over glaze and toss until coated.

Roast until caramelized and glazed, 35 to 40 minutes.

Garnish with thyme, if desired, before serving.


This recipe and image has be replicated from www.delish.com

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