Our history

The Pursuit of Happiness. The heart of our hive.

Our story began in 1959, when Leon Janson decided to start a new life for his family. So, he went out on a limb, did something different, and became a beekeeper. By 1975 the brand Happy Valley was invented by Ben Rawnsley — pioneering apitherapy in New Zealand. Our first retail store was opened where customers could come and fill their own jar of honey and find out about the power of nature.

In 1990 Happy Valley harvested the first commercial quantities of Fresh Royal Jelly in New Zealand — perfecting the process to what it is today.

Six decades later, our family has grown. Happy Valley has grown.

But our goal is same: every day, we still go out on a limb to pursue happiness, in the form of real mānuka honey honey and hive based well-being products — the best New Zealand has to offer.

Our history