How to get better from Covid-19 Naturally?

How to get better from Covid-19 Naturally?

Honey & cumin seeds for a speedy Covid-19 recovery?


Could ingredients found in your pantry help speed up your covid recovery time? The short answer is yes it possibly can! When you have the luxury to kick sickness away naturally, why wouldn’t you

A 2020 study by researchers from Harvard Medical School found that honey and Nigella sativa ( Black Cumin Seeds) may be a cost-effective and natural way to help with covid-19 symptoms. Honey was dissolved in a warm drink and the  Nigella Sativa was administered within a capsule 2-3 times a day.

Honey & Nigella Sativa Findings:


1. HNS helped alleviate Covid-19 symptoms in 4-6 days for moderate and severe cases, compared to  7- 13 days in the control group.

2. HNS takers got viral clearance 4 days earlier, compared to the control group.

3. HNS reduced mortality among severe Covid-19 patients.

4. A higher percentage of moderate cases who had HNS treatment resumed daily activities than the control group.

5. Severe cases who took HNS were discharged by day 10, while controlled cases were observed to still be hospitalized requiring oxygen therapy.

6. Much lower report of mortality among NHS treatment group at day 30.

This natural combination treatment is affordable (at around $5.00 USD for a full course), available over the counter and an easy at-home remedy to help reduce the side effects of Covid-19.


What honey was given to the patient was not disclosed, but many doctors are looking to the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties found in UMF Manuka Honey.

When you purchase and consume UMF manuka honey you know you are not taking a shot in the dark. Unlike general kinds of honey, UMF Manuka Honey has a universal standard, is independently tested for Manuka markers such as MGO and is heat tested so you know you are getting the full benefits from every spoonful. 

This blog post draws from information found in: Covid-19 RCT: Honey and black cumin seed help speed up recovery in Covid-19 patients and 2021 study Prophylactic potential of honey and Nigella sativa L. against hospital and community-based SARS-CoV-2 spread: a structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

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