Natural immunity boosters for winter

Natural immunity boosters for winter

Boost your immunity naturally this cold & flu Season


Look after your immunity this cold and flu season naturally. 

Preventive actions and always better the corrective actions. So be proactive with your health these winter months. As the weather gets colder, we are more likely to get sick. 

Why you get sick more in winter:


Viruses during the winter season are more common, due to two reasons:

1. We spend more of our time indoors

When we spend more time indoors we have more close encounters within confined areas, which in turn may increase our chances of getting sick.

2. Cold temperature & reduced humidity

The decrease in humidity and colder temperatures means that viruses tend to survive in the air for a much longer time.

While this can all sound rather scary, there are things we can do to help look after our immune system and help it to fight viruses such as the common cold. 

Boost your immunity with Manuka honey: 


If you love eating honey; by the spoonful, on toast, in your drinks, adding manuka honey can be very helpful for your immune system and wellbeing during the winter months. 

Take your daily dose of 1 to 2 tablespoons of Manuka honey to get the best immune-boosting benefits!

How Does Manuka Honey Boost Your Immunity?


Manuka honey is a simple and at home immune-boosting remedy. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of Manuka honey can positively influence our body’s immune system.

1. Manuka may help improve digestion

Manuka honey contains oligosaccharides, oligosaccharides helps to promote the growth of healthy microflora/ bacteria in your guts.  It improves intestine health and reduces bloating. Many of our customers use Manuka honey regularly as a natural prebiotic, to help their digestive system rebalance, and to minimise any abdominal and digestive discomfort.

2. Manuka can help to fights Infections

Manuka honey has been in the limelight for its antimicrobial properties for some years now. Manuka honeys' ability to help fight harmful bacteria and viruses naturally make it a popular alternative option to antibiotics.

Containing high levels of a compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) which has been shown to fight against bacterias. Manuka honey has been shown to provide great natural support for the body’s respiratory and immune systems to help them stay healthy and fight off diseases like influenza, common cold, sinus infections or coughs.

Manuka honey is actually recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Public Health England as a cough and cold remedy, as a part of their plan to reduce unnecessary antibiotic treatments.

3. Manuka honey to boost your energy

When you are sick and tired one way to help keep your energy level up is with Manuka Honey. Enrich with enzymes and minerals, manuka is an ideal staple in your home to help boost energy

Learn all about how Manuka honey can help boost your energy levels through the click here.

Take your UMF Manuka honey with warm water or simply eat straight from the spoon. Letting the honey slowly trickle down the throat to coat and help soothe the throat. Doing so shortens the severity and length of the sore throat naturally!

At Happy Valley we have a variety of different UMF rated honey on offer from the jar or inconvenient on the go sticks. Stock up on our genuine New Zealand UMF rated manuka honey so you can help keep healthy and safe this winter season.


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