Can honey help you fight against Covid-19?

Can honey help you fight against Covid-19?

Treating Covid-19 with honey?


Honey and its benefits for our wellbeing have been known for many years, recently it has been drawn to the limelight for its great effects not only in naturopathy but in the medical field as well.

In the wake of Covid-19 honey’s ability to reduce the effects of acute inflammation through enhancing your immune response has researchers even more intrigued.

If you catch Covid-19 it can cause severe infections in many integral body parts; lungs, heart and well as your liver. Treatments during the start of the pandemic were limited therefore boosting your immune system was paramount to help your body fight the virus as best as it can.

Does honey help in the process of fighting Covid-19?


Manuka honey has been shown it can interrupt viral transcription and translation of viruses. MGO is a core component found in UMF manuka honey that can help to inhibit enveloped virus growth.

It has also been found to increase the concentration of  Cytokines, which are cell signalling molecules that help with your immune responses and stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma. The compound MGO found in Manuka also has been shown to help to obstruct influenza B virus replication.

There are a lot of strong studies that suggest that honey can play a potential role to protect you against covid-19 and help aid your recovery if you do catch covid-19.

And since it is natural, super tasty and easy to add to your daily routine, really what do you have to lose?

This blog post draws from the findings from 2020 study: Prospects of honey in fighting against COVID-19: pharmacological insights and therapeutic promises

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