What Does Mānuka Honey Honey Taste Like?

What Does Mānuka Honey Honey Taste Like?

Mānuka honey has unique flavor compared to other honeys


Every honey has it own flavor profile. It's something you won't often think of, because unless you are eating them one after the other the difference isn't all that noticeable. But for Manuka, the flavor difference is obvious. 

So unless you are expecting it it can come as a shock, because Mānuka honey tastes like it's good for you! 


What does Mānuka honey taste like?


Mānuka honey tastes sweet like other honey's, but instead of flowery flavor it has more earthy tones, Mānuka tends to be gritter than other honeys, it has a thick, rich texture, a golden brown color and has taste flavors of caramel and malt.

Some even say Mānuka honey has a medicinal taste - it tastes like it's good for you! 

Like fine wine, Manuka Honey flavor deepens and the honey will darken over time. But does Mānuka's distinctive taste intensify the higher UMF numbers? 


Does Mānuka honey taste different by UMF grade?


Does Mānuka flavor increase the higher the UMF? Many feel like it does...

We compared Mānuka Honey to herbs and spices - take chili for example all chili's should have the same chili taste. But different variety of chilis can bring added chili flavors.

All Manuka honey no matter the UMF grade taste, well, like Manuka honey. But some people really do feel that the higher UMF the more gritty, bitter and strong manuka flavor comes out.

But if you asked our team to taste test and guess the UMF grade, just on flavor, we would say it would be very hard to tell the difference. 

However sometimes the color and texture can help to give it's UMF grading away. Check out the difference between our MGO 50 Mānuka Honey and our UMF 5+ Manuka Honey:

 MGO 50 Manuka Honey verse UMF5+ Manuka honey - a clear color difference MGO 50 Manuka Honey light in colour and looks smooth verse UMF5+ Manuka honey which is darker ( caramel color) and gritter


Something to keep in mind is that every jar of Mānuka honey is unique, it has been made by different bees, from different hive around New Zealand.

So like all things made by nature, one jar of Mānuka honey may taste different from the next, just like with a bag of apples: one apple might be super crispy and the next floury.

So in large, Mānuka honey mostly tastes the same no matter the UMF grading.


If you are new to Mānuka honey, want the benefits of it, but not sure you'll like the flavor we suggest trying our MGO 50 Mānuka honey as an affordable entry point. 

Or really get a taste for the flavor and grit of UMF Mānuka honey with our UMF 5+ or UMF 10+, prefect for everyday usage.


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