How to Choose the Mānuka Honey You Need

How to Choose the Mānuka Honey You Need

How do you know the right Mānuka honey to buy when there are so many different brands, numbers, and grading systems to choose from? If you are new to the language of Mānuka honey, then choosing from our wide Mānuka UMF range could be a bit confusing.    

So, we have made a full guide to choosing the right UMF grade for you and your family’s needs! UMF stands for Unique Mānuka Factor. Before you buy Mānuka honey, it’s necessary to understand the UMF grading system. This is an important factor when choosing this liquid gold for its unique properties. Read on for our guide about how to choose Mānuka honey for your unique needs.

What’s a UMF certification?


Buying certified UMF® Mānuka honey products guarantees that you are getting genuine honey with all its associated health benefits, non-medicinal uses and medicinal properties.

If your jar of Mānuka honey holds a UMF rating, it means that your Mānuka honey has been independently tested to prove it’s authentic, meets the quality guidelines, and meets the MPI definition for monofloral Mānuka honey. So you can trust what is on the label is true.

To receive a UMF® certification, the Mānuka honey must first meet the requirements as a monofloral Mānuka and then meet the quality check with HMF levels below 40.

From there, the three signature UMF® compounds are measured for potency. It’s these three compounds that give the honey its quality grade rating: 

  • Leptosperin
  • DHA 
  • Methylglyoxal (MGO)

So stop buying low-quality Mānuka honey and look out for the UMF badge. It looks like this!

 UMF Rating

What are the UMF and MGO ratings in Mānuka honey?


As you now know, Methylglyoxal (MGO) is one of the key compounds found in Mānuka honey. The more MGO found in Mānuka honey, the higher the UMF rating and the more benefits!

UMF® Rating






Methylglyoxal (MGO) Rating mg/kg






Learn more about UMF® Mānuka Honey.

Mono-floral vs multi-floral Mānuka honey - what’s the difference?


To receive a UMF label rating, our raw Mānuka honey must have ≥83 or more MGO in it.

If your honey has an MGO level of less than 83 MGO, it will be a multifloral Mānuka Honey. This means that the pollen the bees collected to make this honey was mainly from Mānuka trees, but not exclusively. 

Multifloral Mānuka Honey is less expensive as it does not contain the same levels of MGO and will have lower MGO ratings than monofloral Mānuka Honey, which is sourced from one specific type of Mānuka flowers. So if you are looking for a Mānuka Honey with antibacterial properties, don’t surrender to a lower price point for a low-grade Mānuka Honey. 

The rule of thumb when it comes to UMF Mānuka Honey is that if it costs less, it most likely has less potency and is a lower Mānuka Honey grade rating.

However, if you just like the taste of Mānuka honey, multifloral Mānuka honey may be the perfect way to get the flavour of tasty and smooth Mānuka honey - without the price point.

MGO 50+ Manuka Honey

Monofloral Mānuka means bee hives are placed on a site where the bees pollinate the Mānuka bush/flowers. While it’s inevitable that traces of nectar from other floral sources will be present, only monofloral Mānuka honey takes it to the next level and contains abundant levels of the magical, antibacterial effects and beneficial compounds that makes Mānuka honey special.  

Learn more about the pursuit of real Mānuka honey.

Selecting the right New Zealand Mānuka honey grade for you:


Here at Happy Mānuka, we use our happiness scale as an easy guide to explain the health benefits of genuine Mānuka Honey. Using the scale is an easy and visual way to help you to identify which Mānuka honey is best for your intended use.

Happy Valley Happiness UMF Mānuka Scale: UMF 5 & 10 plus everyday happiness UMF 15 & 18 plus targeted happiness, UMF 20 boosted happiness


When it comes to picking a UMF Mānuka honey, you need to know what benefit or antibacterial activity you want to get out of consuming it.


Mānuka honey for medicinal use: precautions and side effects

The rule of thumb when choosing Mānuka honey is that higher grades have more benefits; antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial properties and flavor. If you’re taking medication, ensure you check with a pharmacist or doctor before buying Mānuka honey to avoid possible interactions.   


Choose everyday happiness with UMF 5+ Mānuka & UMF 10+ Mānuka


Our Happy Mānuka UMF 5+ and UMF 10+ Mānuka Honey is the ideal starting point for starting your Mānuka Honey obsession.  

Firstly it’s not going to put a huge dent in your pocket. Starting from just $20.00 USD and ranging to $99.99 USD (for a 35 oz - what a deal!), you can get the deep and smooth taste of Mānuka honey, with added benefits!

 New Zealand UMF 5+ Manuka honey | buy online

We recommend our UMF 5+ and UMF 10+ Mānuka Honey as the ideal type of honey for daily use and an extra bit of happiness every day in your food or drinks. UMF 5+ and UMF 10+ Mānuka Honey not only taste great but can help to support you to keep a healthy immune system.

MGO 83 mg/kg | MGO Leptospirosis 1/5
MGO 263 mg/kg | UMF 10 plus | MGO & Leptospirosis 2/5
UMF 10+ on the go Manuka honey sticks | online

UMF 15+ & 18+ For Targeted Happiness


Our Happy Mānuka New Zealand UMF 15+ and UMF 18+ Mānuka honey contain higher MGO levels and are ideal for topical usages such as DIY beauty treatments and skin care. For more targeted happiness, consume these higher-grade honeys in cooking and beverages to help support general health and wellness.

MGO 514, UMF 15+ happiness level 3/5  MGO 696, UMF 18+, happiness level 4/5

UMF 20+ For Boosted Happiness


Choose our highest UMF-rated honey for a full boost of medicinal quality, strong antibacterial activity and happiness. With almost 10x the amount of MGO found in UMF 5+, scientific evidence suggests UMF 20+ is packed full of benefits. Treating infections, protecting against pathogens, and immunity support are just a few of the ways our customers have told us they use UMF 20+ Mānuka honey.

Still not sure what natural honey is best for you? Give us a message today! We are happy to help you find the best Mānuka honey for you and your needs.

 MGO 829, UMF 20+, Happiness level 5/5

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